• Learner-oriented, user-tested Photoshop Tutorials

  • Restore and colorize your photos

  • Paint with color to enliven your photos

  • Use filter effects to add interest, texture and color

Learn with Practical Photoshop®

Our project-based Photoshop training courses will guide you step-by-step through the basic skills you need to:

We authors are all current or former community college instructors, and Adobe Certified Instructors in Adobe Photoshop®. Together, we have taught Photoshop to thousands of students, both in traditional classrooms and online. In our 16+ years of teaching Photoshop, we have learned first hand from our students which Photoshop skills they feel are the most essential, and also which Photoshop techniques they find the most difficult to master. We have used our students’ feedback to determine the topics, their sequence, and the step by step tutorials.

We have two two-level courses, one for Adobe Photoshop CC and one for Adobe Photoshop CS6. The projects and the theory behind each course series maps to both a full year's Photoshop instruction at the college level and also to the exam objectives for Adobe's industry-standard certification: Visual Communication with Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Certified Associate).

The Adobe Photoshop CC Series

The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Series